Walikale Mining company

We are a Congolese mining company based in Walikale Mubi in north kivu in small territory  walikale.dealing with gold and coltan with projects in walikale/eastern region of DRC.we let know people that the mining need inverters to come at make it modern. .

We are specializing in artisanal extracting of gold and coltan, the company is dedicated to developing its mines, continuing exploration and managing risk.

Overseeing all his projects is a strong    management team with financial, development, and exploration expertise...and a vested interest in success.


The Walikale trail project is home to the largest tin deposits in the DR Congo and to some very large gold mines, as well. In particular, the Bisie mine is supposed to account for somewhere between 50 and 80% of tin exports from North Kivu.

Corporate Responsibility
"Our goal is to create long-term value through the ethical and responsible extraction of mineral resources and production of metals. We work in cooperation with all stakeholders and believe in transparency and accountability in all our activities."
Find out more about the principles and policies that underpin our commitment to corporate responsibility.
Community investment
We support the social infrastructure of the communities surrounding our operations. Our programs are centered on four key areas of social development

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